Class Descriptions: Elementary School Level

Check out what our younger elementary-aged students will be doing:

Builder's Club!
Using legos, cardboard, string, and various other goodies, students will have fun and sneak in learning. The class will focus on STEAM objectives for these younger students.

Course offered Thursday 10:00 -10:55 am
Suggested ages are 5 to 8.
Tuition is $150 and $50 Material Fee
Class taught by Skyler Scheer

Math is FUNdamental
Through many different math units, we will learn fundamental skills like measurements, time, multiplication, fractions, money, and more using manipulatives, games, and skill drilling.

Course offered Thursday 11:00-11:55 pm
Suggested Ages are 9-11
Tuition is $200
Class taught by Skyler Scheer 

Check out what our older elementary-aged students will be doing:

Ancient Civilizations: Myths and Folktales
We will explore various ancient civilizations around the world using reading, crafts, writing, art, science, music, geography, and history. Our classes use a multi-media, multi-sensory approach to learning.

Course offered Tuesday 10:00 -12:00 pm
Suggested ages are 9 to 11.
Tuition is $300
Class taught by Mary Felts

Curiosity Quest 

A flexible alternative to a traditional scouting program, this educational incentive club uses badges and awards to encourage students to take their education to the next level. Students will participate in interest-driven activities in the following Areas of Discovery: Outdoors, Health and Safety, Home, Character, Art, Science/Technology, Knowledge, World, and Agriculture.

Course offered Thursday 12:30-1:30 pm
Suggested Ages 5-14.
Tuition $200
Class taught by Jennifer Humphreys

Science Through Experiments
An experiment class with units in Geology and Chemistry. We will explore rocks, potions, volcanos, and more. This is a two-year rotating course. Students who took year one (2020-2021) can pursue all-new experiments in this year's year two (2021-2022) curriculum.

Course offered Thursday 9:00-9:55 am
Suggested Ages are 9-11
Tuition is $200 and $50 Material Fee
Class taught by Mary Felts 

Upper Elementary Math
A math class for those ready to tackle the hard concepts in math: multiplication, division, fractions, and more. This course moves at the student's pace to help them grow these critical skills. 

Course offered Tuesday 9:00-9:55 am
Suggested Ages are 9-11
Tuition is $200
Class taught by Kiesha Shoemaker

Painting: Acrylic and Watercolor
All new lessons-no repeats from previous years Learn to paint with these two popular water-based mediums. This is a fun class where you can gain knowledge about color theory, value, and different types of brushwork. Find out what makes a good composition. Make abstract art, landscapes, still life pieces, and more. Experiment with palette knives and other experimental “brushes.” This class is perfect for beginners and those with more experience. Every day is a good day to paint!

Course offered Tuesday at 12:30 - 1:25 pm 
Suggested ages are 8 -18
Tuition is $200
Class taught by Amy Durant

Practice contour drawing, learn how to draw the shapes the eyes see, create depth and space with value knowledge, study famous and contemporary artists. The class will focus on the elements of drawing: composition, line, space, value, and proportion. Learn to draw abstract and realistic pieces, self-portraits, gestural drawings, still life studies, and character design. A supply purchase list will be sent out by the teacher following student registration.

Course offered Tuesday at 1:30-2:25 pm
Suggested ages are 8 -18
Tuition is $200
This class is taught by Amy Durant 


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